Source listing:
0:00 - Make a Splash!, Ms. Melody
0:02 - Ripple Runner, Set Me Free, Born to Be Free
0:15 - Ripple Runner, Set Me Free, Born to Be Free, Rhythm Gunner [Echo Ice]
0:22 - Set Me Free, Gonna Cut You Up, Ripple Runner
0:36 - Take It to the Limit, Born to Be Free, Ripple Runner
0:50 - Take It to the Limit, Undying (Expert Mix), Solar Beam
1:03 - Flower Fang, Take It to the Limit, Set Me Free
1:17 - Flower Fang, Undying (Expert Mix), Set Me Free
1:31 - Undying (Expert Mix), Gonna Cut You Up
1:45 - Gonna Cut You Up, Undying
1:58 - Undying, What Lies Beneath, Runner Meets Ripple
2:12 - Song of the Sea (Expert Mix), Standing Here Alone
2:26 - Song of the Sea (Expert Mix), Undying (Expert Mix), Born to Be Free
2:39 - Standing Here Alone, Born to Be Free
2:53 - Ripple Runner, Undying
3:07 - Set Me Free, Rhythm Gunner
3:20 - Set Me Free, Runner Meets Ripple
3:34 - Runner Meets Ripple, Rhythm Gunner
3:48 - Ripple Runner, Rhythm Gunner, Born to Be Free
4:02 - Watching the Tide


from Potpourri Mix - Volume 1, released October 14, 2017


all rights reserved



DDRKirby(ISQ) California

9-bit chiptune artist and indie game developer.

You can check out my games and other projects at my main site: ddrkirby.com

For licensing and commission info, see ddrkirby.com/music/music-services.html.
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